Why Orca

Easy. Powerful. Modern.

Orca is the modern navigation system that runs on all your devices – even Macs.

Orca is easy to learn and use. Responsive charts and weather-aware routing make planning effortless. Add to that advanced instruments, radar integration, and a pro-level sailing processor – for a powerful navigation experience that runs on all your devices.

This is Orca. Navigation for the modern boater.

Navigate for free with the Orca App

Get marine charts, routing, weather forecasts, and many other useful navigation tools on your phone and tablet for free.

One step ahead of bad weather

Weather is the difference between a perfect and a stressful day at sea. It is why weather forecasts are deeply ingrained in the Orca experience. Down-to-the-minute marine weather forecasts help you plan your trips and find the best departure time. While you are underway, Orca keeps an eye on the weather and sends you real-time alerts if forecasts change.

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Radar Forecast

Stay ahead of rainfall and storms with the real-time Radar Forecast. Down-to-the-minute accuracy lets you know exactly when it is time to head back to the harbor.

Departure Planning

Orca estimates your travel path and presents weather forecasts tailored to your trip. Compare departure times to find the conditions you want with the Departure Planner.

Waves and swell

Avoid heavy sea and swell. Orca shows you precisely which legs of your route are exposed, letting you plan or re-route accordingly.

Tides and Currents

View live data from tide stations and global tidal models. Accurate and reliable forecasts let you time your arrivals and departures with the tide and currents.

All inclusive chartography

Get access to the complete Orca chart portfolio when you order an Orca Core or Display, and download the areas you need without any artificial limitations. Charts are built with data from official Hydrographic Offices and vetted private data providers.

Which Orca is right for you?

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Orca Core gives you a complete chartplotter experience on all your devices.
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