The three co-founders of Orca, Amir, Jorge, and Kristian had been working in the marine electronics industry for a few years when a simple question surfaced that they couldn't answer:

Why do more than 70% of boaters with a dedicated marine navigation system also feel they need mobile applications while they plan and navigate at sea? What kind of value did these mobile apps bring, that the MFDs could not?

In 2020, they set out to answer that question, and the feedback from boaters was loud and clear.

Marine electronics felt dated.

The systems were hard to use. Disconnected. Slow. They were no better than the car-based satnavs from the early 2000s.

Mobile apps, on the other hand, were easy to use, but not reliable enough. They didn't handle water properly. Prone to overheating. Needed constant charging.

Armed with a lot of feedback from boaters around the world, the team set out to build a new navigation system. A system that is built on the best of traditional marine navigation systems and mobile applications.

The result is Orca – the marine co-pilot.

Orca marine navigation
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