Navigation for the modern boater

Wireless. Use it anywhere.

Wireless. Use it anywhere.

Navigation for the modern boater

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Orca is navigation for the modern boater.

Meticulously designed to help you plan and find your way at sea, without getting in your way.

Forget SD-cards, slowly responding charts, never-ending menus, and the frustration that follows.

Say hello to Orca, the modern way of boating.

Orca has been highly praised by international boating publications.

The marine co-pilot.

Accurate and responsive charts.

Blazingly fast automatic routing, with live weather forecasts and chart updates via internet.

Navigation has never been easier with Orca, the marine co-pilot.

4G cellular enabled


Proactive navigation insights

4G cellular enabled


Proactive navigation insights

Full trip assistance.

Narrow passages. Weather changes. Shipping channels. No problem.

A combination of internet-powered and on-boat sensor integrations gives you smart and actionable insights, from start to destination.


Weather and tide forecasts are monitored along your entire route.

The co-pilot estimates your travel path and gives you insights ahead of time, so you can prepare accordingly.


Be notified about route sections that requires more attentive navigation.

Chart and AIS data is continously monitored along your travel path.

Boat status

Stay on top of your boat’s details, from fuel capacity, to range and battery status.

The co-pilot also learns how your boat performs over time, and notifies you of abnormalities.

A next-generation navigation system.

At the heart of the system is Orca Core, a powerful navigation unit that connects to your boat via NMEA 2000.

Orca Core broadcasts sensor data wirelessly so you can use your personal tablet and the Orca Display as fully featured navigation displays.

No matter what display you use, you’ll get excellent charts, a truly modern user interface, cloud synchronization, and advanced boat integration via NMEA 2000.

Orca Core

Orca Display

Orca Mobile applications

Stunning charts. Riveting performance.

Crisp and easy-to-read, with instant response. Orca’s bespoke charts make for an unprecedented navigation experience.

The charts are built on top of data from Official Hydrographic Offices and augmented with in-house data for improved accuracy and coverage.

Official & in-house data

60 updates per second


Plan here. Go there.

All your devices automatically sync via internet, just as you expect of a modern navigation experience.

Sync works on your boat – even when offshore and without cellular reception, thanks to Orca's wireless handoff system.

The fast way forward.

Set your destination, and Orca will instantly find the way. A route-specific navigation summary and weather forecast prepares you for the upcoming trip.

The world’s fastest marine routing

Tailored for your boat

Weather aware

The world’s fastest marine routing

Tailored for your boat

Weather aware

Stay two steps ahead of bad weather.

Orca’s weather engine monitors your surroundings and informs you of upcoming changes.

With down-to-the-minute forecasts, you’ll know exactly when it is time to head back to the harbor.

Real-time weather monitoring

Hyperlocal forecasts

Tailored for boaters

Real-time weather monitoring

Hyperlocal forecasts

Tailored for boaters

High-accuracy navigation. Now wireless.

The Orca Core connects to your boat via NMEA 2000 and broadcasts sensor data wirelessly to your displays.

With an integrated high-sensitivity GPS, 9-axis IMU and compass, the Orca Core can fully replace traditional NMEA 2000 GPS and compass units aboard.

Built-in 10 Hz GPS and compass

Bi-directional NMEA 2000 connection

High-performance wireless gateway

Supported integrations

Engine & Trim





Rugged. Robust. Reliable.

The Orca Display is a 10.1” full-HD outdoor viewable screen and mount with integrated charging.

Co-manufactured with Samsung and RAM® Mounts, the system combines powerful hardware and cellular connectivity with a robust hands-free experience.

Detach from the mount to use the display anywhere on your boat, thanks to the built-in 7600 mAh battery.

Orca Display technical summary

Size and weight

253mm x 182mm x 22mm. Approximately 910g

Mounting options

RAM® arm with drill-through mounting bracket, ⌀ 60mm


10.1 inch, 1920x1200 TFT with anti-reflective surface coating. Wet touch and glove support. Polarised sunglass support in portrait orientation

Internal sensors

GNSS, 9-axis IMU, compass, barometer, front and back camera

Wireless connectivity

WiFi 2.4GHz + 5GHz a/b/g/n/ac, BLE v5.0

Cellular connectivity


Physical connectors

Magnetic Charging Pins


Octa-Core, 2GHz high-performance and 1.7GHz high-efficiency cores

RAM and Storage

4GB RAM, 64 GB internal storage. Expandable up to 512 GB via MicroSD


Fast charging via Orca Mount connector. Max draw is approximately 2.5 amp


Rechargeable (Li-ion) battery, 7600 mAh for approximately 8 hours of navigation



Operating system

Slate, a purpose-built Android flavor with the option to run regular Android 10

Operating temperature

-15 to 50 ℃

Chart support

Orca Charts, tailor-made charts for the Orca Display


Passed MIL-STD-810G environmental tests including temperature, shock, vibration and salt fog penetration

Available in Europe

Experience the next generation of marine navigation.

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