Let there be light

Made for sunshine. Groundbreaking performance and amazing battery life. Add to that marine ruggedness, cellular connectivity, and fast wireless charging.

This is Orca Display 2. The ultimate navigation display.

The Lumen HDX screen. Made for sunshine.

1000 nits sustained brightness. The Lumen HDX screen delivers 1000 nits brightness in all conditions with a stunning 1200:1 contrast ratio. This incredible brightness, combined with Lumen HDX’s high resolution makes viewing instruments and chart details effortless in direct sunlight. The etched glass surface minimizes screen glare, and the TrueShift optical film lets you view the screen with polarized sunglasses at any orientation.

Orca Display 2 Screen Power On Placeholder Fully Lit

10 inch

screen size

220 ppi

at 1920 by 1080 resolution

1000 nits

peak sustained brightness

<1 nit

brightness for night navigation


enables viewing with polarized sunglasses

Etched glass

surface finish for minimizing screen glare

Peek inside the Lumen HDX.

Thermal Coupled Backlight. Lumen HDX’s backlight is embedded in the Orca Display 2’s Thermal Backbone. The backbone dissipates heat from the ultrabright backlight and incoming sunlight, enabling the Orca Display 2 to deliver 1000 nits of sustained brightness in direct sunlight.

Orca Display 2 Lumen XDR screen

Faster than ever.

2.2 Ghz

8 Core CPU

1.1 Ghz

Dual Core GPU

4 GB


Orca Display 2 is the fastest marine navigation device ever. Its 8-core CPU delivers up to 60 percent better performance than the Orca Display 1. The dual-core GPU – an industry-first – delivers an astonishing 75 percent better graphics performance. Display 2 responds instantly to anything you throw at it, from zooming and panning the chart, to automatic routing, and rich instrument panels.

CPU performance


Orca Display 2

Orca Display 1

GPU performance


Orca Display 2

Orca Display 1

The high-performance CPU makes short work of finding a 95 NM long route from Norway to Sweden.

View it in action.

Made for

long trips on warm days.

Up to

8 hours

of battery-powered navigation


55 °C

operating temperature


25 W

wireless charging

Orca Wireless Logo

Wireless all the way.

Wireless makes perfect sense onboard. It is why Orca Display 2 supports 25W ultrafast wireless charging via the Orca Charging Mount. Charge via QI or USB-C when you are home.

Attach. Charge. Detach. Repeat.

The Orca Charging Mount transforms your portable Orca Display 2 into a hands-free navigation display. Attach, and your Display 2 will charge via its built-in 25W wireless fast-charging system. Detach by pulling the secure lock tag when you need the Display elsewhere. The waterproof and shock resistant mount makes Orca ready to handle your boldest adventures.
Display 2Screen

Fine-tuned for flexibility.

Portrait or landscape. Top-munted with the mounting arm, flush-mounted on a surface, or on the mast. Incredible flexibility makes the Orca Charging Mount perfect for any type of boat.
Display 2 navigation in boat
Display 2 lying down in boat
Mast mounting enables the entire crew to keep track of the wind and your sailing performance.
At the helm. The top-mount lets you adjust height, tilt and rotation with a minimal dashboard footprint. Flush-mounting gives you a more integrated look and eliminates the risk of rope snagging.
On the mast. The Orca Charging Mount can be attached to any 100mm VESA mounting bracket. Set up multiple charging mounts and move your Orca Display 2 between them as you need: Mast-mounted instruments for racing and offshore sailing and charts at the helm when you are near shore.

Amazing apps for boating and beyond.

A navigation system with all your favorite apps. Orca Display 2 runs Android 12 and is certified by Google. It means you can install all the apps you want from the Google Play Store, whether it is for boating, fun, or productivity.

PredictWind Offshore

PredictWind Offshore



Chrome Web Browser

Chrome Web Browser

Vessel Finder

Vessel Finder







Position Accuracy

A GPS that’s truly next-generation. GPS performance is critical at sea. It is why the Orca Display 2 comes with a dual-band L1+L5 GNSS receiver. Advanced signal processing and support for all major sattellite constellations enables down to 50cm position accuracy for more safety, better ETAs, and navigation calculations.

Supported constellations: GPS L1CA+L5, Galileo E1 + E5a, BeiDou B1I+ B2a, Glonass L1OF, QZSS L1CA+ L5 and NavIC

Robust buttons for extreme situations. Control the chart and key navigation actions with the physical hardware buttons on your Orca Display. The large buttons makes for easy handling with gloves, even in extreme conditions.

Orca Display 2

Size and weight

262mm x 175mm x 19mm. Approximately 870g.

Mounting options

Top Mount, Surface Mount and Mast Mount.


10.1 inch 1920x1200 TFT 1000 nits. Chemically etched anti-glare surface. Wet touch support. Viewable with polarized sunglasses in all orientations.

Internal sensors

Multiband GNSS: GPS L1CA+L5 / BeiDou B1I+ B2a / Glonass L1OF / Galileo E1 + E5a / QZSS L1CA+ L5 / NavIC. Internal compass, accelerometer, and front-facing camera.

Wireless conectivity

Wi-Fi 5 (a/b/g/n/ac) and BLE 5.1

Cellular connectivity


Physical connectors

USB-C with waterproof cover.


8 Cores. 2x 2.2GHz high-performance and 6x 2.0GHz high-efficiency cores.

RAM and Storage

4GB LPDDR4x RAM, 64 GB internal storage. Expandable up to 512 GB via MicroSD.


25W wireless charging via Orca Charging Mount. 15W via wireless QI charging. USB-C fast-charging via PE+ (Pump Express).


Rechargeable high-temperature-grade Li-ion battery. 9500 mAh for approximately 8 hours of navigation.



Operating system

Slate, a purpose-built operating system based on Android 12. Google Play Certified.

Operating temperature

-15 to 55 ℃

Chart support

Orca Charts, tailor-made charts for the Orca Display 2


Waterproof speakers and microphone.

Physical buttons

4x buttons. Dedicated power button and 3 action buttons for core navigation interactions.

Interface language

English, French, Italian, German, Norwegian, Spanish

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