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Smarter Navigation

December 17, 2022 • 2 min read

Introducing Smart Navigation, a new approach to rerouting at sea.

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Boating is all about finding your own way – and finding the best way to your destination is not a trivial task. You have to consider the weather conditions, your crew, your boat, and your own personal preferences.

When conditions change, you may find yourself changing your planned route. On top of that, the tide will drag you off-course, and the weather changes will require you to adapt. As a result, you often find yourself deviating from your intended route.

Today, modern chartplotters suggest a route and expect you to follow it with pinpoint accuracy until you reach the destination. These devices don’t understand or care when you deviate from your intended route.

Orca is changing that with Smart Navigation.

Smarter Navigation

This week’s update introduces Smart Navigation, a fundamentally new approach to navigation at sea.

Before this update, Orca would guide you back toward the original route whenever you deviated from your route.

Smart Navigation handles route deviation very differently. It is the first system that understands when you deviate from your intended route and supports you when it happens. 

Smart Navigation shows you the best path to your destination, even when you deviate from your intended route.

In the example above, Smart Navigation is adjusting the route towards the destination when we’ve deviated to the starboard side of the original route. The original route is shown in grey, making it easy to keep track of the deviation.

Smart NAvigation analyzes how you navigate and updates your route proposal in real-time. It means Orca will reflect your true progress along the route, making it easier to find your way when you deviate – and your ETAs become much more accurate.

If you depart from your original route significantly, such as passing on the opposite side of an island, Smart Navigation will detect it and find a better route. 

If you decide to take a detour around an island, Smart Navigation will give you an updated route.

Smart Navigation is the first truly intelligent routing system made for the sea. It is like having an extra navigator onboard who constantly follows your progress and updates your route. 

For you, it means you can focus on the journey, knowing that Orca finds the way even when things change.

A smarter choice

If you want to experience Smart Navigation, you'll need an Orca Core. After all, it is probably the smartest upgrade you can get for your boat.

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