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Press Release: Introducing Orca Display 2

December 20, 2022 • 2 min read

The next-generation Orca Display 2

Orca Display 2

Norwegian marine tech startup Orca is introducing Orca Display 2. The new display solves the biggest pain points for boaters: It is extremely bright and easily legible in direct sunlight, it handles very high temperatures, and is incredibly responsive – offering more than 60% better performance than the previous generation display.  

A new benchmark for marine displays

The Orca Display 2 sets a new benchmark for marine navigation displays. Like traditional chartplotters, it delivers an ultra-bright 1000 nits screen. Like modern tablets, it offers Full-HD resolution and an astonishing 220 pixels per inch – which is 4 times higher than traditional chartplotters.

Orca CTO Kristian Fallro says: “We put ourselves to build the best portable display ever made for boating. The Orca Display 2 offers chartplotter-level brightness combined with high-end tablet screen resolution. Add to that an etched glass surface that minimizes screen glare and our TrueShift optical film that allows you to view the screen with polarized sunglasses, and you have yourself an amazing screen that is legible in any condition.”

Handling the heat

Millions of boaters already use iPads and personal tablets for boating. A big challenge with these devices is that they turn off when they are used in direct sunlight or on warm days. Orca Display 2 uses a custom-designed battery and high-quality components to handle temperatures from -15C to 55C (5 to 131F) ensuring reliable navigation no matter how hot or cold it gets.

Amazing performance

Orca Display 2 is 60% faster than the original Orca Display, which was already the fastest navigation display in the marine industry. While traditional chartplotter manufacturers don’t reveal their processor speeds, Orca is not afraid of doing so. It is running an 8-core CPU with 2.2 GHz performance cores and a dual-core GPU for instant chart response.

Available for pre-orders in Q1 2023

Orca will reveal more information about the Orca Display 2 progressively over the next weeks. Pre-orders begin in February 2023, with shipping in March 2023.

“The Orca Display 2 is our next step towards creating a modern alternative for boaters. The Orca Display 2 runs the Orca navigation experience, but we are also opening up the platform for other marine applications and making the Orca CoPilot an open alternative to the closed ecosystem of the legacy chartplotter manufacturers”, said Jorge Sevillano, Orca’s CEO.

About Orca

Orca is a Norwegian marine tech company. Orca’s marine CoPilot is built for the modern boater. It displays accurate marine charts, automatically finds routes at sea with the press of a button, and notifies the boater of weather changes and challenging situations in advance with its co-pilot insights. Contrary to traditional chartplotters, Orca supports cellular connectivity. It discards SD cards and old-fashioned user interfaces in favor of a truly modern user experience similar to the best in-car navigation systems. For more information, please visit

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