The Orca CoPilot App is now free

April 22, 2022 • 2 min read

We are making the Orca App available to everyone. For free.

This week, we are making the Orca App available to everyone. For free.

This is all part of our effort to let all boaters experience the modern way of boating with Orca as your co-pilot.

All planning and navigation features that our existing users know and love are now available for free. However, downloading offline cartography is limited to owners of an Orca Core or an Orca Display.

The Orca Mobile App is now available for free.

What’s included?

You’ll get our responsive and crystal clear navigation charts along with our groundbreaking satellite hybrid charts.

The high-resolution satellite hybrid charts make harbor approaches a breeze.

You’ll experience Orca’s instant routing, which is up to 17x faster than the competition. 

Orca finds the way to your destination instantly.

Orca’s weather engine is also included. It actively monitors your surroundings while you’re underway, and informs you of upcoming weather changes, providing down-to-the-minute forecasts so that you know exactly when it’s time to head back to the harbor.

And, you’ll have access to our recently-released Safety Hub, which provides instant information about the nearest Search and Rescue center, and allows you to contact them from within the app.

Man Over Board makes it easier to keep track of an incident.

But that’s not all, because your Orca CoPilot is so much more. You’ll enjoy seamless synchronization of spots and routes between your devices, anchorage and marina guides with reviews from thousands of other boaters, and online AIS.

The Orca App is the most modern and complete mobile navigation experience on the market, and we think it’s time you tried it out.

The Orca App is better with our revolutionary Orca Core navigation system

The Orca Core is the only navigation device that turns your tablet and phone into a true chartplotter. It has a built-in professional-grade GPS and compass for a more accurate and reliable navigation experience.

The Orca Core is reliable and more accurate than the Orca App and it fully integrates with your boat’s existing sensors

The Orca Core has a built-in professional-grade GPS and compass.

The Core connects to your boat’s sensors via NMEA 2000 and creates a wireless bridge to your boat sensors. This way, you’ll be able to display all of the information coming from your boat’s sensors in the Orca App. View depth, AIS targets, fuel consumption, wind speed, and control your autopilot. The Core truly unlocks a full chartplotter experience on your phone and tablet. 

For the full Orca CoPilot experience, we recommend our Orca Display.

The Display is a 10.1” Full-HD outdoor viewable screen.

The Orca Display is the perfect companion to the Orca Core and together, they deliver the full Orca CoPilot experience. The Display is a 10.1” Full-HD outdoor viewable screen that is ruggedized and designed for the marine environment. It is delivered with a robust and reliable charging mount.

The Display is detachable from its mount, so you can use it at the helm, below deck, on the flybridge, or at home.

Ready to supercharge your boating experience with an Orca Core or Orca Display? Click here to place your order now.

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