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Introducing Explore

November 3, 2022 • 2 min read

Explore makes finding destinations and passage planning effortless.

A cecluded beach

Going on a trip this weekend and not sure where to go? Planning a multi-week getaway for next summer?

In the past, you would use an app or a harbor guide to learn about anchorages and marinas, check a few online forums for tips, find these places in a navigation app or chartplotter to understand how to get there, and then check the weather forecast.

It's a cumbersome process, and it makes going to new destinations harder than it should be.

Those days are over.

With the new Explore experience in Orca, you can find great harbors and anchorages effortlessly.

Press on Anchorage or Marina in the Explore panel to find destinations.

Open Orca, and you will be greeted with the brand new Explore panel. From here, you can find Anchorages and Marinas, or search for a specific destination by name.

Exploring new areas is effortless with Orca.

Pan the chart and press Search This Area to explore a new area.

Orca shows more than 30 000 anchorages and marinas from the Navily community – with more than 165 000 reviews and photos. Read up on anchoring tips, check if you can refuel, fill your water tanks, and get groceries nearby.

Passage planning

Boating is much more than going from A to B. It is a journey that begins with preparation and planning.

Orca is built to address that reality.

Find your destination, route to it, and check the weather forecast for your route in just a few seconds.

Orca lets you explore the chart, search for the name of your destination, or search by typing coordinates to find your destination.

Once you've found your destination, Orca creates a tailor-made route for your boat and shows you the weather forecast along your route based on your boat's speed.

It is effortless passage planning for the modern boater.

Explore was created as a result of suggestions and discussions at the Orca Owner’s Club on Facebook. If you want to shape the future of Orca, swing by and join the club!

Better Boating with the Orca Core

While mobile devices are great tools for navigation – they can fall short: Mobile GPS accuracy is often unreliable, and your mobile device doesn't connect to your onboard sensors, like a transducer, engine, or fuel tank.

This is why we made the Orca Core.

Orca Core powers advanced features in Orca.

Orca Core powers advanced features in Orca.

The Orca Core is a Smart Navigation Hub with a built-in high-accuracy GPS and compass that connects to your boat’s sensors.

This Smart Navigation Hub broadcasts sensor data wirelessly to your Orca App and Orca Display, turning them into fully featured navigation displays. 

The Core serves as a wireless gateway to your boat sensors, allowing you to view depth, wind information, and engine data on your phone and tablet. Best of all, it is installed in just a few minutes.

Order your Orca Core and your Orca Display

It’s delivered with free express shipping and backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so you can try it risk-free.

Which Orca is right for you?

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Orca Core gives you a complete chartplotter experience on all your devices.
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