Orca Core

Orca Core is a powerful navigation unit that integrates with your boat via NMEA 2000.

Connect wirelessly to the Core via the Orca Mobile Application and experience excellent charts, a truly modern user interface, cloud synchronization, and advanced boat integration via NMEA 2000.

With an integrated GPS and compass, the Orca Core can fully replace traditional NMEA 2000 GPS and compass units aboard.

One year subscription to charts & services included in the purchase.


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The Orca Core is shipping to our first customers in May 2021. Early customers will receive a limited time pre-order discount and free express shipping.

Due to high demand, orders will be fulfilled according to the time of purchase. Here is what happens when you purchase.





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Experience the next generation of marine navigation.

Orca at a glance

A proactive co-pilot that shows you where to go and how to get there.

Stunning, easy-to-read charts that get better the more you travel.

Wireless. Use Orca it at the helm, under deck and even from home.

Advanced engine and fuel insights powered by NMEA 2000.

iOS and Android apps with seamless sync and real-time handoff.

WiFi and cellular connectivity for live weather and chart updates.

Orca Core technical information


118 x 118 mm footprint. 35 mm height + 15 mm with mounting bracket

Mounting options

Drill-through mounting bracket and industrial grade 3M bonding tape

Internal sensors

9-axis inertial motion unit, compass & 10Hz GNSS receiver

Wireless connectivity

WiFi 2.4GHz and BLE 4.2

Physical connectors

1x NEMA2000 Micro-C port (1 LEN), inbound power, outbound power for Orca Mount


800MHz single core ARM

Storage and RAM

8 GB internal storage, 512 MB SDRAM


9-32.2 V DC supply voltage. Approximately 200mA consumption

Operating temperature

-15 to 60 ℃



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