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Who is Orca designed for?

We say that Orca is navigation for the modern boater, but what exactly do we mean by that? 

Many current-generation navigation systems help you find your way at sea. They are capable, made by reputable companies, and have been developed over many years by talented engineers and product designers.

If you compare Orca to a traditional chartplotter, you’ll notice that traditional chartplotters are filled with a lot of features. You’ll probably also realize that you use only a small fraction of this functionality.

Since these systems pack so many features, they quickly become complex and hard to use. Vital functionality ends up being buried deep inside sub-menus, and simple things takes a lot of time to do.

Orca offers fewer features. Instead, we offer a radically focused experience that is truly modern, clever, and genuinely a joy to use.

Orca co-pilot marine navigation chartplotter

Our team worked in the marine industry for years before starting Orca. Over those years, we began asking questions that we couldn’t find good answers to:

– Why is my Chartplotter so much harder to use than any other device I own?

– How come simple things, like creating a route, or saving a spot take so much time?

– Why doesn’t my Chartplotter tell me about weather changes or other challenging situations that are coming my way?

– Why is my Chartplotter so slow?

– Why do I have to use an SD-card? And why do I have to do so much work to keep my charts are up to date?

We started talking to other boaters about these questions. 

We had plenty of fascinating conversations, met many great people, and learned a lot. The questions we asked and the frustrations we experienced were shared by many of them.

While we all go boating for many different reasons, we’ve yet to find a boater who enjoys the complexity and friction of traditional navigation systems. Current generation systems make even the simple things complicated and hard to do. They have not kept up with our expectations.

If you think the same way, Orca may be the experience you’ve been waiting for.

Orca is for boaters who want a simple, easy and modern experience. It is for those who want responsive, accurate, and detailed charts – that look and feel close to the golden standard of paper charts.

It is for boaters who want to plan trips from home, at the comfort of their armchair. For those who want their plans to seamlessly sync across all their devices. For those who want their charts and software to update automatically over the internet – not over SD-cards.

Orca is for boaters who want NMEA 2000 integration so they can view depth, engine, and AIS information on their primary navigation display, tablet, and mobile phone. It is for those who want to be informed about upcoming weather changes and challenging navigation situations ahead of time – not after the accident.

Orca is for boaters who want to use their displays from anywhere in their boat – not only at the helm. It is for those who prefer to use their personal tablet and phone, and those who boat in rougher conditions with the need for something more robust.

Orca co-pilot marine navigation chartplotter

Ultimately, Orca is for those who want to spend more time enjoying their experience at sea. 

We’ve worked hard to make Orca robust, responsive, and easy to use. A properly modern system with an interface and user experience that outshines the chartplotters of today. 

We believe this is the future of marine navigation, and we hope you find it exciting as well. Should you have any questions, feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out at hello@getorca.com.

Read up on the system overview to understand how it all ties together.

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