Product introduction

Installing Orca in your boat



Orca is a marine co-pilot. It is built for the modern boater and provides navigation assistance, ahead-of-time insights, and trip analysis. The Orca co-pilot runs on the Orca Display, iOS, and Android devices.

The system integrates into your boat with the Orca Core, a navigation processing device with a built-in GPS receiver, 9-axis gyro, compass, and a bi-directional NMEA2000 connection.

This digital booklet is under construction. It will contain product details, commonly asked questions, and other information about the Orca navigation system and more content will be added as the product gets closer to launch.

If you are new to Orca or want to know what separates a marine co-pilot from a traditional chartplotter or mobile application, we recommend you to read up on the Product Introduction first.

The content of this booklet is also available on the Orca Display and via the Orca Mobile Applications via Menu > Support, even when offline. Should you have any questions not answered in this section, or inquiries in general, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via e-mail. You may reach us on:


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