Orca Wind Instruments

Are you an avid sailor who wants to stay on top of changing conditions? The Orca co-pilot includes advanced sailing instruments so you can sail like a professional.

Whether you're racing, going offshore, or cruising along the coast, the new sailing instruments help you get there faster and more efficiently.

Thanks to the accurate 9-axis inertial motion unit, GPS, and NMEA2000 integration – the Orca Co-pilot calculates in real-time a variety of sailing metrics matching the needs of racers and professional sailors alike.

Orca's new sailing instrument displays your sailboat, circled by a compass rose which rotates as you change heading. Indicators show apparent wind angle (AWA), true wind direction (TWD), true wind angle (TWA), course over ground (COG), and direction and strength of current.

Orca's wireless broadcasting system allows you to view the same sailing data on your Orca Display or personal tablet and mobile phone. Use the weatherproof Orca Display at the helm, and a tablet under the deck for an efficient and lightweight navigation setup.

You can also add a range of gauges to complement your sailing needs such as depth, engine data, battery voltage, and much more.

Sail more efficiently and more safely with Orca.

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