Stay two steps ahead of bad weather

Orca’s weather engine monitors your surroundings and informs you of upcoming changes. With down-to-the-minute forecasts, you’ll know exactly when it is time to head back to the harbor.

Weather and tide forecasts are monitored along your entire route. The Orca co-pilot estimates your travel path and gives you insights ahead of time, so you can prepare accordingly. This is how it works:

Weather Radar

Avoid those surprising rain showers and storms. Orca connects to thousands of weather radars to show you a high-resolution real-time view of rainfall.


Wave forecasts keep you up-to-date on sea state. See exactly the height of the waves and direction along your route.


Don't hit the ground. The Orca tide forecast helps you master the tides and navigate through unfamiliar areas.

Along the route

Weather forecasts are automatically aligned with your trip. Forecasts are shown for your arrival time and at locations along your route so that you can enjoy your trip worry-free.

Reliable data

Forecast data is hand-picked from reputable sources.

Orca uses ICON from Germany, Meteo-France for France and South of Europe, U.K. MetOffice for the U.K., FCOO for Danish waters, FMI from Finland, Yr for Norway, SMHI for Sweden, and NOAA for the rest of the world.

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