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Easy-to-read with an instant response: Based on official data, Orca's bespoke charts are built to be clear of distractions keeping you focused on what's important. A modern chart engine makes for fast loading and responsive experience.

See how they perform:

Say hello to a new marine charting designed for the modern boater.

Stunning charts - inspired by paper maps

Orca's charts are metricuosly designed to resemble the clarity and detail of paper maps while leveraging the powers of digital cartography.

Easy-to-read details

By carefully showing only the most relevant information, Orca charts give the boater a clear overview even in dense areas without compromising on detail.

Accurate and responsive charts

Orca runs on our custom marine charts. Sourced from the most up-to-date data from official hydrographic offices. This official data gets augmented with in-house survey data, resulting in a faster and more accurate experience compared to traditional charts.

Automatic Updates - without you even noticing it

Orca charts also update automatically over the internet, with no SD cards or complicated routines required. Get the most updated chart experience out there.

Our vision: Marine charts that learn while you use it

Our cloud-based functions will give you the possibility to contribute to improving the underlying chart data with your depth data while boating. More about this feature will be revealed soon..

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