Orca Instant Routing

Never wait for a route anymore. Orca instant routing is the fastest marine routing in the world.

Check how it compares to existing solutions out there...

The only problem with Orca routing is that you don’t have time to drink a coffee while the route is being calculated.

Say hello to instant routing.

The fast way forward.

Set your destination with a single tap on your screen, and Orca will instantly find the way based on your boat profile. A route-specific navigation summary and weather forecast prepares you for the upcoming trip

Adding waypoints has never been easier.

Enter the edit route mode and long press to add waypoints along your route. The route will be automatically recalculated based on your waypoints. Drag and drop waypoints to move adjust them seamlessly.

Weather along the route.

Weather forecasts are automatically aligned with your trip. Forecasts are shown for your arrival time and at locations along your route. Be in control of whatever may come. Read more about our weather features here.

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Experience the next generation of marine navigation.

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