Head of Marketing


Orca is looking for a consumer-centric marketing professional to help bring a new navigation product for recreational boaters to market and beyond. As Head of Marketing, you will be building a consumer marketing division from scratch, driving strategy, and working hands-on through a market introduction and beyond.

About Orca

Orca is a startup company, founded in January 2020. Our mission is to provide great user experiences to recreational boaters around the world. Our first product is a next-generation marine navigational device, commonly called a chartplotter or a Multifunctional Display (MFD). This device helps our users navigate safer and more efficiently at sea.

Besides helping our users navigate, this device also collects accurate underwater data from our users. With this data, we’re building the world’s most accurate marine charts, which in turn makes our products better.

Data is deeply embedded in the product and engineering culture at Orca. We rely on data – lots of it – to improve marine cartography, to optimize how people navigate, to proactively detect errors, and to build the first global organic marine data set for boaters, the scientist community, researchers, and public authorities.

We’re changing how people navigate at sea. We are Orca, the creators of organic cartography.

About the Team

You will be joining a small and close-knit team of experienced people. We’ve been working in this space for years, and have several successful startups behind us. Our core experience is product development, software, and hardware engineering. We started Orca to follow our passion for building great consumer experiences.

We are generous towards one another, respect each others' quirky sides, and strive to help our colleagues become the best versions of themselves. If you want to grow as a person, build great things, and do good for society, this may be just the team for you.

While the team has experience running consumer marketing in past companies, you will be our first fully dedicated marketing team member.

The team operates out of Oslo and Madrid. We’re set up remote-first but will prioritize new hires at these main locations.

What You’ll do

We're looking for a talented marketing professional to join us as our first dedicated marketing team member. Your goal is to bring our product to market and scale it to a global audience. 

Our go-to-market channel is direct-to-consumer e-commerce via our website. We will rely heavily on social media marketing and other digital channels to drive sales.

This job requires both hands-on and high-level skills.

You will be planning marketing strategies, creating content for a multitude of channels, setting campaigns live, measuring impact, and iterating. You will also be sourcing and working with external partners and agencies to produce content and drive PR.

You will solve complex challenges, building trust, and turning leads into customers selling a $1000+ product via e-commerce for a newly established brand. We’re competing against well-established companies such as Garmin, Simrad, and Raymarine so we’ll need to find innovative ways to reach and convert customers economically.

In short: You will drive and be accountable for achieving sustainable customer acquisition and retention pipeline and scale this globally.

In particular, you will be responsible for:

  • Developing a full-fledged strategy for market introduction and scaling of our consumer business

  • You’ll work with our technical team and consultants to develop our e-commerce store

  • Executing on our marketing strategy, creating content & PR, driving e-commerce sales, measuring impact and iterating rapidly

  • Develop and validate product and brand identity

  • Drive feedback to the product team, helping us improve our product-market fit

  • Be the main interface for marketing agencies and consultants to drive the execution of the marketing strategy

  • Understand our customers: Their needs, desires, and their willingness to pay through analytics, surveys, and user testing

As a core member of the team, we also expect you to:

  • Deliver beyond your position. Help us identify gaps in the organization, take responsibility proactively and help the rest of the team be better 

  • Contribute to scaling the team and the organization

Important Traits for This Role

  • You have done something similar for a consumer hardware company: Building and improving an e-commerce site, driving traffic, and optimizing conversion rates across the entire funnel

  • Can work across the entire marketing stack, from hands-on work in Photoshop to running A/B/n experiments, interfacing with developers, defining our funnels and articulating our multi-year strategy

  • 3+ years of demonstrated ability to articulate, execute on and validate marketing strategies

  • A data-driven and creative approach to marketing

  • Experience running digital marketing campaigns via Facebook, Google Search Ads and other ads platforms

  • Excellent written and spoken English skills

  • You create compelling copy, imagery, photo, and video quickly, and you are experienced in Photoshop, Final Cut or other equivalent content creation and editing tools

  • You have the autonomy, proactivity, and ownership when driving work to completion, especially in the face of ambiguity. You actively expand your comfort zone by exploring new and/or unfamiliar tasks

  • You have an empirical approach to making decisions. You develop strong hypotheses, design experiments to test them, interpret the results, and communicate your findings

  • A desire to collaborate with and learn from individuals with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences

How we work

  • We are a multicultural team with people all over the world. English is our communication interface 

  • We have a remote-first culture. This requires mature and autonomous professionals. At the same time, we believe in bonding between team members beyond being “just” co-workers

  • We meet face-to-face as often as required

  • We strive to have the best working practice to support our employees and our customers. This is a never-ending process that we expect you to contribute to

What we value

Check our core values to get a feeling for what we value:

  • We value high-performing creative individuals who dig into problems and opportunities

  • We value individuals who challenge the status quo, who are alert and question everything

  • We believe authority is gained through wisdom, wisdom through knowledge, and knowledge through data

  • We believe in continuous lifetime learning and value the power of curiosity

  • Who value individuals who have empathy, putting the user’s needs first

  • We strongly believe in the value of growing a diverse team

What we offer

We offer a competitive combination of salary and an options plan. 

More importantly, we offer an opportunity to build a consumer marketing division from scratch, driving strategy, and working hands-on through a market introduction and beyond. You’ll be working with talented people building world-class technology and consumer experiences, from our e-commerce site to our software, hardware, customer support portal, and beyond.

If you love marketing and data; you find the oceans intriguing and exciting; and you think you have what it takes to work with a great team with the potential to have an impact on the life of millions of people and nature, then please send us your application.

We would love to review it!

How to apply

Send us your resume to [email protected]. If any of your creative work is available online, we'd love to see it as well, so please link to it if you can.

If this is not the right time, you can still stay in touch with us on LinkedIn.

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