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Installing Orca in your boat

Getting started with Orca


Tools and functionality


Pricing and functionality covered by the subscription

The Orca Subscription gives you access to Orca’s cloud services and our continuous chart updates. The subscription renews on a yearly basis, and the first year is included in the purchase of an Orca Display Kit or an Orca Core. 

The Orca Subscription is priced at €119 / year, or roughly the equivalent in other currencies, and gives access to the following:

  • Continuous chart updates

  • Weather forecasts and monitoring

  • Cloud-powered automatic routing

  • Cross-device synchronization of routes, spots, and trip analytics

  • Autopilot control

  • Priority support

Charts in Orca are not restricted to geographical zones as you find for traditional chartplotters. Since we distribute charts via the internet, you can freely download the chart zones you need. In short, this means that all Orca users can access all of our cartography at the same flat rate.

Should you stop subscribing, you’ll still have access to your charts – but they will stop updating.

Cloud-based features will also stop functioning, but the system will still be a fully viable navigation system: Charts, GPS, compass, sensor integration with your boat, and non-cloud features will always be available.

If you have any questions about the subscription or chart updates in Orca, don’t hesitate to reach out at hello@getorca.com