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Installing Orca in your boat

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Orca is a marine co-pilot. It is built for the modern boater and provides navigation assistance, ahead-of-time insights, and trip analysis. The Orca co-pilot runs on the Orca Display, iOS, and Android devices.

The system integrates into your boat with the Orca Core, a navigation processing device with a built-in GPS receiver, 9-axis gyro, compass, and a bi-directional NMEA2000 connection.

Orca devices

If you are new to Orca or want to know what separates a marine co-pilot from a traditional chartplotter or mobile application, we recommend you to read up on the Product Introduction. For how to install Orca in your boat, look here – and for detailed information about functionality can be found here.

The content of this booklet is also available on the Orca Display and via the Orca Mobile Applications via Menu > Support.

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