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Tools and functionality


Weather along the route

Weather and route planning come together. Orca co-pilot combines the most important data into one view for you to take the right decision when planning a trip. Never be surprised by bad weather. A marine weather forecast for precipitation, wind, tides, and waves along your route.

At a glance

  • Current and short-term weather forecast along your route with air temperature, wind, and precipitation.

  • A hyperlocal real-time radar view to get an accurate feeling of the changing conditions.

  • Waves and tide forecast along your route to avoid unpleasant conditions.

  • Browse through different departing times to find the right conditions.

  • Weather-based on estimated arrival time at every waypoint.

Access weather along the route

You can easily view the weather forecast along a route by selecting a route and pressing Weather on the bottom menu.

The weather-along-the-route mode offers you several views to get the most comprehensive information about the conditions during your trip. You may browse through every view by selecting each section on the top buttons.

  • Overview - current and short-term atmospheric weather forecast at every route segment with temperature, precipitation, wind speed, and wind direction.

  • Radar - visual radar map showing the evolution of the clouds and precipitations around your trip

  • Waves - current and short time wave height and direction at every route segment. 

  • Tides -  current and short time tidal information, offset, and direction at every route segment.

Modify departure time

By default, Orca App presents the weather along the route for an immediate departure.

You can change the departure time by selecting one of the times presented at the bottom of the map. Upon changing the departure time, the App will recalculate your expected travel time at every waypoint and fetch the marine weather forecast for each point accordingly.

Orca will show you on blue labels the expected arrival time at each waypoint. The weather forecast at that time is shown next to the blue label.

Radar view

The radar view helps you identify the changing conditions around your trip and identify challenging parts and the right time to depart or take a stop during your trip.

The radar view shows an animation of the clouds and precipitation for your upcoming trip. The animation goes from the last 2 hours to the next 30 minutes in the future.

Use this view to get a feeling of how the conditions will evolve and the direction the clouds are taking.

You may pause the animation at any time and zoom in or out to get more details about the conditions.