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Analysing past trips is a great way to understand which marine routes are best and to understand your boat better. Recording gets tedious however and can easily be forgotten. With Orca the marine co-pilot, that is automatically taken care of. With an automatic trip detection and recording system, the Orca co-pilot logs all your trips and stores the most important metrics such as fuel consumption, or speed so you can understand how efficient your trip was and become a more advanced boater.

At a glance

  • Automatic trip detection and recording.

  • Automatic aggregation of navigation magnitudes such as distance, duration, avg. speed, or fuel consumption.

  • Visual graphs to perform efficiency analysis.

  • Analytics for the start and the end of the trip to understand if your boat is ready for the next trip.

Access past trips

All your past trips are stored in the cloud so you can access them from any device running the Orca App.

To access them, open the main menu and press Trips. A list with your past trips will be shown.

The list contains the summary of each trip showing the following information:

  • Origin and destination

  • Date

  • Distance

  • Duration

  • Average speed

Press on a trip to view more details and analytics

Trip details view

You may select a trip from the list to access all the data stored for that trip.

This view will evolve over time to add more advanced analytics. Currently, the following data is can be analyzed:

  • Origin and destination

  • Distance

  • Duration

  • Average and top speed

  • Total and average fuel consumption

  • Battery level at destination and amount of battery used during the trip

  • A visual speed graph for the entire journey.

In addition, information per segment is shown as follows:

  • Speed

  • Depth

  • Fuel level

  • Battery