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Enhance the official marine cartography with your favorite spots. With the Orca App, you can save your favorite spots. The spots are automatically synchronized to the cloud and are readily available on any device. With easily identifiable symbols, spots stand out on the map for you to never miss what is important to you.

At a glance

  • Save spots that matter to you with one click.

  • Categorize spots for the fastest recognition.

  • Set your home harbor for fast route calculations.

  • Automatic synchronization across all your devices.

Save a Spot

We have made saving a spot a one-click action, so you do not need to take your eyes out of the sea.

Long press on the map at the desired location, and then press Save in the bottom menu. The spot is automatically saved to your list of favorite spots. The Orca App will automatically categorize the spot as a starred location by default. It will appear as a blue circle on the chart. Spots are automatically synchronized between all your devices when you are connected to the internet. This allows you to save spots at home with your mobile device, and plan the route on your boat with the Display.

Edit a spot

Edit your saved spots to customize them to your needs.

Select a spot on the map, and press Edit on the bottom menu. When you enter Edit mode you may update the spot name, adjust the spot location and assign a new category to it.

For adjusting the location, press Edit location and move the map to the desired location.

You may assign a new category to the spot from the available ones:

  • Star - default selection for saved spots.

  • Anchor - useful to store your favorite anchor locations.  

  • Dive - useful to keep track of your favorite diving locations

  • Fish - Never forget where you found fish. Select this one for saving your fishing locations

  • Mooring - useful to save a suitable mooring location

  • Danger - keep track of dangers that are not part of the official cartography

  • Home - this is a special type of spot used for automatic route planning.

Home harbor for fastest route planning

The Home category for spots has some special features. It refers to where your home harbor is.

If you mark a spot as your Home, the Orca App will automatically use it as your starting point for calculating routes. You may decide to change the starting point of a route. However, given that in many situations you will depart from Home, we think it is an advantage to default to it.