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Planning a trip has never been easier: set your destination, and Orca will instantly find the way. Routes in Orca are tailored to your preferences, and integrated weather forecasts prepare you for the upcoming trip.

At a glance

  • The fastest marine routing calculates instant routes with one tap

  • Editing routes and adding waypoints has never been easier. Drag and drop waypoints to expand your route.

  • Integrated marine and atmospheric weather along the route. See the weather before you get there and never be unprepared

  • The routes are always calculated based on the water depths, bridges and your boat dimensions.

  • They include visual warnings in case you need to pass through a shallow area.

  • Save your routes on one device and navigate them with all your devices. It is automatic.

Create a new route from the map

You can easily calculate a route by selecting a destination on the map.

  1. Long press on the map

  2. Select Navigate to from the bottom menu

The system will find a route from your current position to your destination. If you are on land and far from water, the system might not be able to find a route. In this case, you can press Edit stops to select a different starting point.

The route result will show you the route distance and the estimated trip duration based on your boat settings such as speed.

The resulting route will show you the route distance and the trip duration based on your vessel preferences.

The route takes into consideration your boat draft and height to avoid shallows and bridges – but you should always check the route carefully to embarking.

Routing requires internet connectivity. In case you do not have internet, Orca will let you create a route by manually setting each stop. Automatic offline routing will be introduced at a later time.

Create a route from Go-To

You can also select your starting point and destination from search results, saved spots, or the map.

  • Press on Go-To in the bottom bar

The bottom menu offers you three alternatives:

  • Search for a destination i.e. Oslo by pressing Where to?

  • Select a destination from your saved spots or routes

  • Set the destination on the map

Press on the Where to? to search for your destination by text. Orca allows you to search for marinas, cities, islands, and much more. To set your destination, enter its name and Orca will find the way.

To create a route from a different starting point than your current location, press Your location and type the name of your starting point.

Edit route

You can edit any route by adding new waypoints or changing the starting point and destination.

Select a saved route or calculate a new route and click on Edit stops from the bottom menu.

If you want to add new waypoints, you can simply long-press in the map to add a stop. The route will automatically re-calculate.

You can modify the location of any waypoint, by long-pressing on the waypoint and dragging it to the desired location. The route will automatically re-calculate.

You may switch between two modes: Auto and Manual. The auto mode is the default one where the route segments are calculated based on depth, boat profile, and other conditions to optimize the segment. The manual mode connects the waypoints with straight lines.

You can now click the back arrow to exit the edit mode and click on Save to save your newly edited route.

Weather along the route

This is one of the most impressive features of Orca routing.

The Orca App can display the weather forecast along the route when the app has Internet connectivity available. The weather information includes atmospheric temperature, precipitation, wind direction, wind strength, waves, and tidal information.

To see the weather along the route, select a route and press on Weather in the bottom menu. The app will display a weather layer on top of the route with the selected weather information. You may select from various weather types such as Overview, Waves, and Tides.

You can modify the departing time of your trip by pressing on the different schedules. The App will show what weather you should expect along the trip for each departing time. Bad weather will never catch you unprepared.

In addition, you may check the weather radar view. You can see a hyperlocal temporal visualization of clouds and precipitations around your route for you to get a feeling about how precipitation may evolve during the next hours.

Route settings

The routes calculated by Orca are tailored to your boat and to the environment around you.

You may edit your routing preferences by going to the Settings menu and pressing, under the Navigation section.

These are the elements available to you for tailoring the routes:

  • Offshore cruising speed - Used to estimate route arrival time. Set to your average cruising speed when offshore and outside restriction zones.

  • Nearshore cruising speed - Used to estimate route arrival time. Set to your average cruising speed when near shore or inside restriction zones.

  • Routing height limit - The routing engine will prefer to avoid bridges and cables lower than this value.

  • Routing depth limit - The routing engine will prefer to avoid areas, rocks, and obstacles shallower than this value.

  • Routing leeway - Adjust how close to the shore the routing engine prefers to follow.