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Stay two steps ahead of bad weather. Orca’s weather engine monitors your surroundings and informs you of upcoming changes. With down-to-the-minute forecasts, you’ll know exactly when it is time to head back to the harbor. The Orca co-pilot estimates your travel path and gives you insights ahead of time, so you can prepare accordingly.

At a glance

  • Current and short-term weather forecast at any location with air temperature, wind, and precipitation.

  • Hyperlocal real-time radar view to get an accurate feeling of the changing conditions.

  • Waves and tide forecast at any location to avoid unpleasant conditions.

  • High-quality weather forecast from a selection of the most trusted weather sources

  • Avoid bad weather surprises, with smart co-pilot insights.

Accessing weather mode

You can easily view the weather forecast in your current location by pressing Weather on the bottom menu.

If you are interested to see the weather at any specific location, long press on the map on that location and press on Weather in the bottom menu. The weather mode offers you several views to get the most comprehensive information about the atmospheric and marine conditions. You may browse through every view by selecting each section on the top buttons.

  • Overview - current and short-term atmospheric weather forecast around the location of interest with temperature, precipitation, wind speed, and wind direction.

  • Radar - visual radar map showing the evolution of the clouds and precipitations around you.

  • Waves - current and short time wave height and direction around the location of interest.

  • Tides -  current and short time tidal information, offset, and direction around the location of interest.

Modify forecast time

By default, Orca App presents the weather at current time.

You may change the forecast time by selecting one of the forecast times presented at the bottom of the map. Upon changing the forecast time, the App will show the marine weather forecast for that specific point in time.

Tides and Waves

You may access relevant marine weather forecasts through the Waves and Tides views.

As well as the Weather overview, you may get waves and tides forecast at your current position or around any location on the map.

In addition, it is also possible to view the tides and waves forecast for the near future by changing the forecast time.

  • The wave forecast shows you the height and direction of the waves.

  • The tide forecast allows you to analyze the tide status (ascending, descending) and the time for the expected maximum tide.

Radar view

The radar view helps you identify the changing conditions around your trip and identify the right time to depart.

The radar view shows an animation of the clouds and precipitation. The animation goes from the last 2 hours to the next 30 minutes in the future.

The radar view is useful to get a feeling of how the conditions will evolve and the direction the clouds are taking. It can also help to spot regions where one can avoid the heaviest bad weather.

You may pause the animation at any time and zoom in or out to get more details about the conditions.

Weather sources

There is not one unique weather forecast model that predicts accurately at all locations. This is why we have hand-picked the sources for weather information from the most renowned weather institutes to guarantee the best possible forecast for your location.

We are using the following sources at the moment:

  • ICON from Germany

  • Meteo-France for France and South of Europe

  • U.K. MetOffice for the U.K.

  • FCOO for Danish waters 

  • FMI for Finland 

  • Yr for Norway 

  • SMHI for Sweden 

  • NOAA for the rest of the world

As we expand to new countries, we will continue to add more local weather sources to this list.

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