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Sensor integration and the Orca Core

At the heart of Orca the marine co-pilot is the Orca Core, a smart navigation hub that connects to your boat via NMEA 2000. Orca Core broadcasts sensor data wirelessly so you can use your personal tablet and the Orca Display as fully featured navigation displays.

With an integrated high-sensitivity GPS, 9-axis IMU, and compass, the Orca Core can fully replace traditional NMEA 2000 GPS and compass units aboard.

At a glance

  • Built-in high accurate GPS, 9-axis inertial motion unit, and magnetic compass for accurate position tracking.

  • Bi-directional NMEA 2000 connection for reading and controlling sensors and instruments.

  • High-performance wireless gateway for connecting up to five wireless hand-held devices simultaneously.

  • Supported integrations: engine & trim, AIS, fuel, depth, and wind for a full overview of your boat status.

Connecting to the Orca Core

After installing the Orca Core in your boat, you may connect to it from your Orca Display or from your handheld device running the Orca App.

Open the main menu by pressing the button at the top left side of the map. Select Orca Core to initiate the connection process. The App will automatically start searching for an active Orca Core. Once it has found it, you will be prompted with an option labeled Connect Now.

Press Connect Now and you will see a notification asking you to connect to the Wi-Fi network of the Orca Core.

Upon a successful connection, you will see two tick marks if the App is receiving correct GPS information from the Orca Core and NMEA 2000 data from the available sensors in your boat.

From this point, the instruments bar will show the real-time sensor data coming from the Orca Core.

Calibrating Orca Core sensors

It is recommended to calibrate the sensors in the Orca Core after installing the Orca Core on your boat for the first time.

You may do so by connecting to the Orca Core as explained in the section above. Once the connection has been established, you can open the main menu and press Settings.

In the Settings menu, press Sensors and scroll down to the Calibration section to access the calibration options. You can calibrate the motion processor as well as the compass.

To calibrate the motion processor make sure your boat is currently still and leveled. Press Calibrate to start the calibration process. Once the calibration is completed, you will see a blue dot in the center of the circumference. Please remember that you need to recalibrate the motion processor if you move the Orca Core to a new location.

To calibrate the compass scroll the bottom horizontal bar to align your compass with your boat. Make sure the aim line is pointing in the same direction as your boat. Once your boat is aligned with the compass aim line, press Connect to save the calibration.

Verifying your NMEA 2000 connected devices

You can diagnose and verify the status of the NMEA 2000 network on your boat.

You can do so by connecting to the Orca Core as explained in the section above. Once the connection has been established, you can open the main menu and press Settings.

In the Settings menu, press Sensors and scroll down to the NMEA 2000 network section to view the sensors connected to your NMEA 2000 network.

In this section, you can see the real-time data for every sensor.

If you don’t have any other devices connected to the network, you will see the sensors included in the Orca Core. These are Heading, Vessel motion, and Battery.

As you connect more devices to the NMEA 2000 network, you will see those listed in this view as well as the data shared by those sensors.

You have access to all the sensors during the navigation from the instruments panel.

Orca Core Settings

In addition to the functionality explained above. You may change some preferences on the behavior of the Orca Core:

  • Automatic connect to known Orca Cores - Enabled by default. Once you have connected to a Core. The Orca App will remember it and connect automatically to it the next time it finds it.

  • Updates - You may verify the current software version running on the Orca Core. You can also check if there are new software updates available for the Orca Core. It is recommended to install the recommended version and keep the Orca Core up to date. We release improvements and new features on a regular basis.

  • Diagnostics - This is an advanced menu used for debugging. If you have issues with your system, you should contact us and we may ask you to share this view with us.

  • Clear trips recording - Your past trips are automatically synchronized to the cloud so you can review them from any device running the Orca App. However, the Orca Core keeps a local copy of the past trips. You may delete the local copy by selecting this option.

  • Reset connectivity information - If you want to give the Core to someone or are experiencing issues connecting to the Orca Core; you may want to reset the connectivity information by selecting this option. As we expand to new countries, we will continue to add more local weather sources to this list.

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