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Offline charts

Stop wondering whether your downloaded marine charts are still up-to-date. With Orca Offline charts update happens automatically to make sure you always have the most recent chart data. Forget about regional limitations. The complete Orca charts are available to you. Download the charts you need no matter where you are headed to.

At a glance

  • Offline maps ensure a smooth navigation experience even if you go far from shore.

  • Automatic chart updates over the internet every week.

  • No regional limitations. Download all the data you need for your next trip.

  • Automatic synchronization across all your devices.

Download offline charts

Downloading maps and keeping them up to date has never been easier.

Open the main menu by pressing the button on the top left side of the map. Once the main menu is open, press on Download Offline Maps to enter the mode to download maps. This mode has an interactive map. It shows the cells that have already downloaded and are available for offline usage here you can decide what you need to download. These cells are identified with a green background color.

You can also pan the map to any area that you want to download for offline usage. When you stop panning the map, the selected cells will become dark grey. Press on Download for downloading the selected cells.

The cells will start to download and will turn to a blue background. Each cell will show a percentage indicating the progress. You can download multiple cells at a time.

Once it has reached 100%, the cell has been fully downloaded. Once the download is complete, the cell will turn green.

Update offline maps

The offline charts are refreshed automatically every two weeks whenever you are connected to the Internet.

You can also trigger a manual refresh by going to the main menu and pressing on Settings. Press on Map and select Refresh map data.

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