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We are a D2C company creating a disruptive product for the recreational marine industry. We look for a talented and persevering marketing professional that can help us realize our ambitious growth plan. If you enjoy boating, are a ruthless executor, and can scale a D2C company, reach out to us.

Our mission

Most boats have a navigation system - these are traditionally called chartplotters - and they are built on outdated technologies: They are hard to use, slow, and provide mediocre experiences.

Orca is different from traditional chartplotters. We’re on a mission to build the most modern navigation devices for sailors and cruisers around the world. Our end game is to build the systems to enable autonomous navigation.

We’re now looking for more people to join us on that mission.

What we're looking for

Orca is looking for a talented, hands-on marketing data scientist to join our team. As a Marketing Data Scientist, you are accountable for Orca’s acquisition and retention funnel performance. Your responsibilities span across creating a sustainable paid acquisition funnel, building the system to understand product usage, and increasing conversion.

We value performance, autonomy, clear thinking, and practical skills over years of experience.

The cross-functional nature of the role provides many different ways for you to make an impact. These will be the challenges you will frequently face:

  • Set up, analyze, and optimize the acquisition and conversion funnel to turn leads into customers

  • Create a sustainable digital paid acquisition strategy.

  • Develop an analytics system that helps us understand product usage, user satisfaction, and supports our product development process.

  • Get under the skin of our target customers: Understand and experience their problems, their needs, desires, and their willingness to pay through interviews, analytics, surveys, and in-field user-testing

  • Define and execute the plans and campaigns to scale Orca to the next hundred of thousand of boaters

  • Build hooks and mechanisms to increase engagement, loyalty and nurture Orca’s community of boaters

At Orca, you will get the opportunity to disrupt a market, scale a global consumer product and build a premium brand for consumers globally.

By being part of a small, highly-focused team, you get a unique opportunity to develop your skills, grow alongside the company and build a high-performing marketing team. While the role is fully hands-on from the start, we expect you to gradually transition into a leadership role as our marketing department grows.

To do this, you must be responsible, flexible, effective, and able to thrive in a dynamic environment.

You will be accountable for achieving sustainable growth at Orca, and you’ll be able to lean on our product teams to set you up for success.

Who you are:

  • You can run digital marketing campaigns via Facebook, Google Search Ads, and other ads platforms

  • You have set up an analytics system to understand product usage and satisfaction - Google Analytics, Firebase, BigQuery, Segment, Tableau, or similar - that derives actionable insights to the product and business teams.

  • You have built a system to analyze and optimize the ecom acquisition funnel performance,

  • Possess excellent command of the English language

  • You have grown a digital consumer business before.

  • You have a certain level of boating experience. Ideally, you understand boater’s needs and love going boating yourself.

  • Have an innovative and hackerish mindset to explore new ways of doing things.

  • You put the user first: You are detailed-oriented and deliver very high-quality work.

  • You have an empirical approach to making decisions. You develop strong hypotheses, design experiments to test them, interpret the results, and communicate your findings to the rest of the team

  • You have autonomy, proactivity, and ownership to drive work to completion. You are genuinely curious to explore new and unfamiliar tasks to drive more growth.

How we work

You will be joining a small and close-knit team of industry veterans. We’ve been working in this space for years, and have several successful startups behind us. Our core experience is product development, software, and hardware engineering.

These are the 3 co-founders. Feel free to reach out to us if you want to know more about what we do.

  • Amir Borovac -

  • Kristian Fallroe -

  • Jorge Sevillano -

The team operates out of Norway and Spain, with employees working remotely in other countries as well. While we have a strong remote culture, we strongly believe in the benefits of working close to each other. Hence, we will prioritize hires in those locations.

What we offer

A job at Orca means a job that allows you to learn, work on interesting problems, and have a direct impact on people’s life.

We’re in it for the journey. The journey of building something that is greater than the sum of the team and our product. It is an opportunity to build a company with the potential to disrupt an entire industry and work on something that our customers are genuinely passionate and excited about.

We also offer a competitive combination of salary and options plans. We believe that good talent shall be compensated accordingly.

If this is not the right time, you can still stay in touch with us at

Are you a good fit?

If you think you’re a good fit, e-mail us: If you include some copy, content, or other creative that you’re proud of in your email, we'll be very happy.

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