Lead Software Engineer

We are looking for a developer who wants to be part of building the future of boating. 

As a Lead Software Engineer, you will work on non-trivial and hard problems. You will contribute directly to the firmware running on our Linux-based IOT devices, along with data collection, data processing pipelines, and the algorithms we use to build routing graphs. You’ll also drive the development of backend services responsible for providing advanced navigation experiences.

Most boats have a navigation system - these are traditionally called chartplotters – google it! – and they are built on outdated technologies: They are hard to use, slow, and provide mediocre experiences.

Orca is different from traditional chartplotters. We’re on the mission to build the most modern navigation devices for sailors and cruisers around the world. Our end game is to build the systems to enable autonomous navigation.

We’re now looking for more people to join us on that mission.

What we're looking for

Orca is looking for a highly skilled software engineer to join our Special Ops team. This team works across our stack to solve our hardest challenges, from building drivers for IMUs, interfacing with CAN networks, processing chart data at terabyte scale, to building global route graphs. 

You will traverse different stacks, languages, and tools, sometimes working for months towards a single feature, other times solving smaller problems to support the progress of our front-end team.

The cross-functional nature of the team provides many different ways for you to make an impact. These will be the challenges you will frequently face:

  • Building robust and reliable Linux-based firmware for our IOT devices

  • Create efficient services for processing GIS data at a global scale

  • Building advanced marine navigation algorithms

  • Machine learning and satellite imagery processing

You will get the opportunity to contribute to truly novel solutions across the stack and deliver direct value to the user. 

If you like challenges in algorithms, optimization, GIS processing, or mapping, or a combination of those, then Orca is the place for you. Expect to dive into our stack and start contributing from day one.

You must be responsible, flexible, effective, and be able to thrive in a dynamic environment.

Who you are

  • Skilled with C++ and scripting languages

  • Great at simplifying complex problems, breaking them down into smaller bits, and releasing value incrementally.

  • Fast learner with the ability and interest to dive deep into non-trivial problems

  • Experienced with, or able to quickly pick up: Go, Python, or JS/TS

  • Experienced with, or able to quickly pick up: PostGIS, Mapbox stack, BigQuery, and general GIS concepts

  • Have a track record of project/product delivery or math/programming competitions or open-source

  • Able to deliver reliability and high quality across the stack

  • Highly independent and detail-oriented

  • Have excellent communication, collaboration, reporting, analytical and problem-solving skills

How we work

We are on a mission to disrupt a traditional industry led by global companies such as Garmin and Navico. This requires setting the right direction, having a sharp focus, and delivering at a fast pace. 

We can only do this by delivering the best from each of us. We help each other, but also hold each other accountable to reach our very best performance. We view and model ourselves as a high-performance sports team with distinct roles and specialties and great team play.

We are pragmatic with processes. We think of them as organic and evolving systems. We measure the success of a given process by looking at its impact on employee or customer happiness and satisfaction. This is a never-ending process that we expect you to contribute to.

Processes: We follow weekly sprints but we are very pragmatic when it comes to ways of working: Transparency and open communications prevail over processes.

Technology: We use the technologies best suited to solve the problems at hand. For high-performing algorithms, we use C++. However, we also have services and systems built on Go and Python.

We are a multicultural team with people all over the world. English is our communication interface. We have a hybrid culture: while we have a strong remote culture, we strongly believe in the benefits of co-location. This requires mature and autonomous professionals.

About the team

You will be joining a small and close-knit team of industry veterans. We’ve been working in this space for years, and have several successful startups behind us. Our core experience is product development, software, and hardware engineering.

These are the 3 co-founders. Feel free to reach out to us if you want to know more about what we do.

While we have a great remote culture, we strongly believe in the benefits of working close to each other. Remote hires must work in CET +-2 hours and are expected to have easy access to flights to Madrid or Oslo for regular visits.

What we offer

A job at Orca means a job that allows you to learn, work on interesting problems, and have a direct impact on people’s life.

We’re in it for the journey. The journey of building something that is greater than the sum of the team and our product. It is an opportunity to build a company with the potential to disrupt an entire industry and work on something that our customers are genuinely passionate and excited about.

We also offer a competitive combination of salary and options plans. We believe that good talent shall be compensated accordingly. 

If this is not the right time, you can still stay in touch with us at careers@getorca.com

Are you a good fit?

If you think you’re a good fit, e-mail us: careers@getorca.com. Please send us your resume and a link to a GitHub repo with something you are proud of. We'd be excited to review it.

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