Product update - New supported Auto Pilots

Hi there,

this week, the Orca Core, Orca Mobile Applications and the Orca Display received updates with new functionality and fixes.

Raymarine autopilot support

Autopilot controls for Raymarine Seatalk and SeatalkNG autopilots are now available for all users. To access autopilot controls, press the Navigation tab from the map screen.

By the way, we renamed the Instruments tab to Navigation to reflect that you can now do more than just viewing instruments.

To read up on how autopilot controls work and which autopilots are supported, head over to the Autopilot article in the Product Guide.

Improved compass accuracy

The Orca received a huge update to its compass algorithms.

The accuracy of the built-in compass improved from ~4 to less than 2 degrees, and the calibration process is more robust and less susceptible to magnetic disturbance.

This update brings the Orca Core's compass performance in line with the very best standalone 9-axis compasses you can get today. We will now work towards making the Orca Core usable as a heading and motion source for Autopilots.

Since this is a fundamental algorithm change, you will need to recalibrate your compass after upgrading your Core.

Understanding Chart symbols

Long-press near a symbol in the chart, and you'll notice a new Info button in the bottom panel. Press the Info button to read up on the symbols and what they mean for navigation.

A pretty handy feature when you forget the purpose of a navigation mark (yes, we've been there ourselves)

The updates above are available with Orca Application and Display version 1.0.37 and Core version 0.13.0.

Moving forward with Autopilot

Garmin autopilots are next in line for support. If your boat is on the water and you have an NMEA2000-based autopilot from Garmin, reach out if you want early access.

As always, don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or feedback! Seasonal greetings, The Orca Team

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